Craft Pacer M
  • Pacer shoes men black/white 6/39,5
  • Pacer shoes men black/white 6/39,5
  • Pacer shoes men black/white 6/39,5
  • Pacer shoes men black/white 6/39,5
  • Pacer shoes men black/white 6/39,5

Craft Pacer M

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Introducing the Pacer, our most comfortable performance running shoe that provides exceptional bounce and stability for a smooth and speedy ride. An advanced performance running shoe that features a softer version of the successful Px Foam™ in the midsole, Pacer delivers a stable, smooth, and responsive ride with explosive rebound – perfect for speed training and every day running. Its lightweight construction provides a bouncy, energetic experience that propels you forward with each stride, while its minimal outsole design with hexagon lug pattern offers superior road traction for a secure grip on various surfaces. In addition, the upper is made from a lightweight and breathable material that provides a snug and stable fit. A sleek design and lightweight feel make the Pacer an ideal choice for runners seeking a fast, nimble shoe that won't weigh you down. Px Foam™ Px Foam™ is an ultra-lightweight midsole material that offers an exceptionally high amount of energy return while providing shock-resistance and flexibility. A single, natural foaming agent is used in making this green innovation without adding any chemical cross-linking agents. The process is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In addition, raw and finished materials are completely reusable. The innovative foam has an extremely low density making it up to 20% lighter than traditional EVA. The reduced weight combined with explosive rebound make Px Foam™ perfect for every run. • One-piece engineered mesh upper, made from 50% recycled materials • Px Foam™ midsole: superior energy return • Contoured chassis for reduced weight and premium comfort • Weight: 270 grams in UK size 8 • Heel 40 mm, forefoot 34 mm • Drop: 6 mm


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EAN-code 7318574082418
Merk Craft
Gewicht 0.11 g
Maat 6/39,5
Kleur Black/White
Artikelnummer 574193
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